Knit Bamboo Star Mittens

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These bamboo star knitted mittens are made from the same Certified Organic Bamboo as all of our luxurious knit wear. These are the ideal gift for those not wanting to break the bank or just looking for the perfect baby shower gift.

 Our bamboo knit fabric is amazingly soft to touch, naturally breathable and and has excellent moisture wicking properties . The lightweight bamboo knit fabric is cool enough for summer or can be layered over other clothing for extra warmth.

Available in grey, pink, and beige.

Made from: 100% certified organic bamboo knit. Designed and created in Canada

It’s absorbent with excellent wicking ability, making it ideal for use next to the skin - Able to retain antibacterial qualities even through multiple washings.

Sustainable and fast growing bamboo plants thrive without pesticides and herbicides - Bamboo keeps baby insulated – cool or warm in any almost any seasonal temperature

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